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Learn How To Generate A Stable Income With Amazon FBA. 

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What's Inside?

Video Game selling

Selling Video Games Are Very Profitable, On Average The Cost Per Game Is $3 & Profit Is Between $10-$70+.

The Basics

You Won't Get Very Far In Your Amazon Business If You Don't Know The Basics.

Console Selling

Selling Video Game Consoles Are Just As Profitable As Selling Video Games, If Not More!

Lot Training

Buying Lots Is How You Will Be Able To Buy Videogames, consoles etc. For Very Low Prices, You Will Have Access To All The Sites I Use!

Video Training

Don't You Just Hate When You Join A Course And You Have To Spend All Day Reading! In LSP Every Topic Has A Video!


Everything You Need To Know About Amazon FBA & How I Have Built My Amazon Business. But Most Important How You Can Do The Same!

Getting Started Course Video Break Down

Module 1: Getting Started

Video #1 What You Need For This Course 

    Video #2 General What Is Amazon FBA? 

Video #3 Referral Fees 

Video #4 Listing Restrictions 

Video #5 How To Win Buy Box 

 Video #6 Buy Box Overview 

 Video #7 Prep Requirements 

 Video #8 Amazon Account Health P1

 Video #9 Amazon Account Health P2 

Video #10 How to Create Product Variations

 Video #11 How To Calculate Shipping Cost Amazon Fba 

Video #12 Prepping Rules 

Video #13 Labeling 

Video #14 Shipping Your First Product PT 1

Video #15 Shipping Your First Product PT 2 

Video #16 Customer Feedback

Video #17 Customer Satisfaction Reports

Video #18 My Stats March

Video #19 My Returns

And More! 

Amazon FBA Course Break Down

Video #1 Where I Buy My Video Games So Cheap

Video #2 Dead Video Games

Video #3 Save Your Boxes

Video #4 Untested/ For Parts 

Video #5 Missing Pieces 

Video #6 Why I Don’t Sell Clothes

Video #7 Gems In Plain Sight 3 Items People Walk By 

Video #8 15+ Profitable Items That People Walk By

Video #9 Medium Budget Sites Site 3

 Video #10 Eb Sourcing

Video #11 Tips Boxes Messed Up 

Video # 12 Save Your Boxes & Much More!


Buying Low & Sell High!

Matt Gardner

Founder/Hatura Inc


Most frequent questions and their answers

Yes, all the site use to buy video game lots are provided in this course.

I recommend having at least $1,000 total. The current cost for this course is $497, you will also need products to start your amazon fba business that will cost $150-$250 & lastly the cost of your lots. So $1,000 is the magic number, the lowest I would say is $850.

No all you need is your amazon fba seller central account and the amazon fba seller app.

Depends on you, I can provide all the tools, the plan & everything else you need but I can’t force you to do the work. If you follow the training to the T you should have everything setup and your first lot sent in within the first 8-12 days. 

Yes, there is a facebook group for LSP Members where you can ask questions for me to answer. 

Yes, I show all the products I am currently selling to help you make the most profit.

No, this course goes over many different products that sell for good profit.

Only $497 & You Will Have Access To BoxMoney

Making Money With Amazon FBA Just Got EASY! Learn How To Build A Stable Income With Amazon Fba!


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